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Why we are #1


TrappCall is the Original Pre-Paid Collect Call Provider in Canada. TrappCall was the first company to offer 3rd Party Collect Call Services in Ontario and has been a pioneer in the Telecommunications Industry ever since. Our competition is always playing catch up.

As Charles Caleb famously said, "Imitation is the best form of Flattery" and this is why we are not bothered as our competitors try to imitate the products and services we offer.

TrappCall will continue to innovate Products and Services that are one of a kind and solve real problems. From our 7 Day a Week Customer Service to our one of kind Reverse-Voice-Mail & tMail (e-Mail to Phone) feature for the Call-Me-Collect and Call-Me-Collect-FixedRate Plans.

Imagine being able to leave a voice message for your loved that is calling you collect and then having your loved one automatically connected to you after they hear the message.

Lets take it one step further and imagine being able to send your loved one an e-Mail message which they hear through the phone and also have them respond to that e-Mail message via the same phone call (no computer, smart phone or internet required).

These are one of kind features that you will only get from TrappCall.


TrappCall is the Number One provider of Collect Calls in Canada. However, TrappCall is more than just Collect Calls. We provide several inbound and outbound calling features including our Call-Me-Local, Call-Them-Local and Toll-Free-Me Services.

This makes us the most complete provider of customized phone service and combined with our state of the art Voice and Data Network across Canada and the United States we set the standard and excellence is our optimal goal.

At TrappCall we strive to innovate and provide unique products and services for our customers!

We are not just phone calls!


This is without a doubt the reason why we consider ourselves to be Number One at what we do, i.e. because our customers say so. Providing phone services is a decade old business and likewise companies come and go, but only the ones that do it well stick around. We invite you to read one of the more powerful customer compliments:

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