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TrappCall Email Service (tMail) is another of our cutting edge, one of kind, signature product offerings that you will find no where else!

tMail allows you to send and receive e-Mail messages to/from persons who only have access to a regular telephone.

tMail service requires no Internet, computer, Wi-Fi, Broadband or Smart Phone. Any person receiving a tMail simply need to have the ability to make a Regular or Collect phone call.

tMail takes any regular email message and delivers it to the intended recipient as an audible phone call. The recipient can then reply to the email by simply speaking/dictating a reply in the phone which gets sent as a regular email reply to the original sender.

TrappCall tMail is a Real-Time service allowing you to send and receive email messages in Real-Time just as you would any regular email.

How do I set up tMAIL Service ?
Please contact a Live Customer Service Representative to add the tMAIL Service to your TrappCall Account.

The person I am sending e-Mail to does not have a computer or Smart-Phone, so how does tMail allow them to read my e-Mail Message ?
Your e-Mail is read by the TrappCall tMail service, synthesized and streamed as "spoken" audio via a phone call allowing the recipient to "hear" the email message.

How does my family / friend reply to my e-Mail message ?
The tMail service is controlled by tMail Voice Commands. After listening to your e-Mail message your friend / family can reply by saying the word "REPLY" which will instruct the tMail service to capture the verbal reply and send to you as text in an e-Mail reply message.

How will the recipient know that there is a tMail waiting for them?
The TrappCall system will automatically queue the tMail message and stream it to the recipient in real-time the next time he/she makes a phone call to you or anyone else.

I currently have a TrappCall Call-Me-Collect Service, how do I send an e-Mail to my loved one?
You simply send the e-Mail message to <-trappcall-#>@. if your TrappCall number is 416.775.0001, you will send the e-Mail message to 4167750001@trappcall.com. tMail is available with all TrappCall services.

Can I send attachments with the e-Mail message?
If attachments are sent the tMail service will notify the recipient that their is an attachment however the attachment will not be delivered.

Is there a limit to the number of e-Mail messages (tMail) that I can send to my loved one?
There is no limit to the number of e-Mail messages (tMail) that you can on send to your loved one.

Where can I find answers to other questions I may have?
Please visit the TrappCall Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

The following slides will give you an overview of how tMail works.

  • Send Email Messages to your Family / friend
  • Receive Email Messages from your Family / friend
  • Receive message "Listened Receipt" so you know when your friend / family listened to the tMail message
  • No Computer, Smart Phone or Internet required by family / friend
  • Allow family / friend to easily receive and send e-Mail to and from Lawyer or Legal Team
  • Send / receive unlimited e-Mail messages
  • tMail Service controlled by advanced Voice Command Technology allowing family / friend can Save, Delete, Rewind or Skip tMail messages when listening to message
  • You send emails to family / friend from Computer, Smart Phone or Tablet
  • Compatible with Call-Me-Local Service
  • Compatible with Call-Me-Collect Service
  • Compatible with Call-Me-Collect-FixedRate Service