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Customer testimonials

I was just speaking with one of your Customer Service Reps named Sandra and was telling her how I felt about your services and staff, including her. I asked her how to let management know of my feelings and she suggested I send an email.
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Gerrtings: I'm an old fart - when I'm not satisfied with the service I get somewhere I complain to the head honcho - loud and long. But I'm an old fart - fair is fair - when I am exceptionally happy with the service, I contact the head honcho and let them know that as well...
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I just wanted to say that I have nothing but nice things to say about trappcall and the people who work there. Everyone is always so nice and explains and walks me through all questions I've had... I'm very pleased with trappcall...
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Hey, just to let you know that all the team at trappcall are doing an awsome job...

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I just read a letter from one of your clients complimenting your services, I also would like to do this. I was not sure how to set up an account and the lady I spoke to on the phone took the time to answer all my questions even though some of them may have sounded silly. Any time ...
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My son is able to call from North Carolina at only 75 cents for a 15 minute call, versus paying $5. I did the math and TrappCall is no brainier. Do the math too and you will save big time.


Washington DC, USA

I just want to say that I love you guys. I remember calling TrappCall with no clue as to what I needed and you guys took the time to talk to me about what service offering would be best for me and my son. You guys are there for me every single week that I call and I love the monthly TrappCall specials that you offer.. Love You Guys!!!


Burlington, Ontario

Dudes, TrappCall Reverse Voice Mail is the feature of the Year!!! We can leave messages for my brother who calls us Collect (and yes I did say Collect) and if we are not available he gets the messages when he calls, Awesome. Thank You TrappCall for thinking outside the box. You guys Rock Every time!!!


Brampton, Ontario

TrappCall allows me to receive Collect calls at less than half the cost of what I paid before. My monthly phone bill was huge but now I have control over the cost of my Collect calls and even better its Pre-Paid so I never go over budget!


Toronto, Ontario

I have lived in Canada all my life and have always had phone service but I will say that I have never dealt with a more professional and courteous on the phone representatives like the people at TrappCall. They go the extra mile always and I can’t say enough about them and the help that they give to every time.


Ottawa, Ontario

My daughter attends a University in Texas, USA and is able to call home to Columbia by simply dialing my personal TrappCall-Texas local number anytime, at less that 1/2 the cost of a normal USA - Columbia call. Thank You TrappCall.


Bogota, Colombia

I receive long distance calls from my husband who is in Kentucky, USA using my TrappCall Call-Me-Local line. For only $15 my husband can call unlimited and I have never been happier. are many variations of passages of randomised words which don't look even slightly believable. You need to be sure there isn't anything embarrassing of text.


Maryland, USA

My best friend recently accepted a teaching job in Japan. Using her personal local TrappCall-Japan number she is able call me here in the USA at a fraction of what it costs to call direct!


Boca, Florida

TrappCall is a God sent. I have no choice and must receive collect calls for which I was paying a lot of money every month. My TrappCall Call-Me-Collect line allows me to get the same calls at 25% of what I paid before. TrappCall is probably the best kept secret that every one should know about.


London, Ontario

I am never home to receive calls from my son when he calls and got tired of seeing missed calls day after day. I always dreamed that there would be a service that allowed me to leave messages for him and to my surprise TrappCall has read my mind. I am the TrappCall Reverse-Voice-Mail #1 Fan and I have seen this feature no where else!! Very Happy Customer.


Baltimore, Maryland

I never thought of submitting a "kudos" or customer Accommodation, however I would like to share with you a little secret, I work for one of the biggest telephone companies without saying names at one time we had the monopoly and was the...
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