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Self Help IVR

In keeping with our goal for efficient customer service, we are pleased to introduce the TrappCall Self Help IVR system which is available to all customers, 24 hour a day!

The Self Help IVR is a cutting edge Natural Language Speech Recognition, Interactive Voice Response System which allows customers to manage their account using any telephone by simply talking to the IVR system. The IVR System also supports touch-tone input allowing you to interact with the IVR using your phones keypad.

The IVR System allows you to perform many different type of account management tasks such as, credit cards payments, transferring funds between accounts, routing updates, checking balances, etc.

How do I set up the Self-Help-IVR?
Every customer automatically has access to the Self-IVR as long as you are calling from any of the phones that are registered on your TrappCall a/c. You may also set a 4 digit phone code on your account which will allow access to the IVR if calling from another phone or a phone with a blocked caller-id.

How do I access the Self Help IVR?
You may access the Self Help IVR by pressing option (3) after calling the TrappCall toll-free or local customer Service number. For Example, Dial 1.888.266.5128, then press 3.

How does the Self Help IVR understand my Voice?
The Self Help IVR System employs a very sophisticated Natural Language Speech Recognition algorithm allowing it to understand the responses you speak irrespective of your voice or accent.

Why did the Self Help IVR ask me for my TrappCall A/C # and phone code?
If you call into the TrappCall Self Help IVR from any of registered phones on your TrappCall account, then you are automatically authenticated into the IVR. This means that the IVR will know who you are and simply say your name followed by “How may I help you”. However if you call into the IVR from any other phone (or from a phone with a blocked caller-id) then the Self Help IVR will not be able to pre-authenticate you and will ask you for your TrappCall account # and phone code.

Where can I find answers to other questions I may have?
Please visit the TrappCall Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

The following slides will give you an overview of how the Self-Help-IVR works.

  • Make payments to your account via Credit Card
  • Check your account balance
  • Check your last payment date
  • Check your last call made/received
  • Transfer credits between your TrappCall accounts
  • Change your routing