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Call-Me-Local (USA)

With TrappCall Call-Me-Local Plan, you are able to receive and issue a local telephone number to the caller and receive calls from the caller. The Call-Me-Local Plan allows the caller to dial your local telephone number even though you are not local to the caller. You will continue to receive your phone calls on your existing phone as usual and you will always be a local call away from your friends and family.

TrappCall Call-Me-Local Plan allows you to obtain local telephone service form any City/State in the United States.

TrappCall Call-Me-Local Service offers one simple plan that allows calling at a low per minute rate.

Challenge: Sam lives in Maryland, USA and his son Billy is away in North Carolina, USA which is a 6 hour drive from his home in Maryland. Billy calls his Dad regularly by making a Long-distance Call from North Carolina, to his home phone in Maryland. Every call Billy makes to his home incurs a long distance cost of $5 for 15 minutes, which is beginning to become overwhelming as Billy completes his 5 year program.

Solution: Sam establishes a TrappCall Call-Me-Local line which gives him a North Carolina, USA, 252-XXX-XXX phone number. Billy is now able to make a local call from any North Carolina Pay Phone directly to his home in Maryland by simply dialing his Dads North Carolina, USA, telephone number. Sam now pays 5 cents per minute for each call on his TrappCall Call-Me-Local Line and a 15 minute call now costs Sam 75 cents.

How do I set up Call-Me-Local (USA) Service?
Please contact a Live Customer Service Representative to set up your Call-Me-Collect-FixedRate Account

Can I have multiple Numbers on my Call-Me-Local (USA) Account?
The TrappCall Call-Me-Local (USA) Account allows you to have as many Local Telephone Numbers as you require. Each additional number will cost $2 per month.

Where can I find answers to other questions I may have?
Please visit the TrappCall Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Page

  • Instant Activation
  • Only $0.05 per Minute
  • Pre-Paid
  • Monthly Invoices via Email (optional)
  • Online Customer Web Portal Access
  • Reverse Voice Mail Included