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Subject: Commendation
Received: Thur 09/28/2017 10:50 PM
From: ********@hotmail.com
To: sales@trappcall.com

Good Morning,

I was just speaking with one of your Customer Service Reps named Sandra and was telling her how I felt about your services and staff, including her. I asked her how to let management know of my feelings and she suggested I send an email.

First off I want to say that I had never heard of this service. My daughter was incarcerated on June 1st of this year and she was calling me daily from Vanier Centre for Women in Milton…I live in Hamilton. Of course these calls were made collect but I had no idea how much they were costing me. I have never spoken to anyone in jail and this was all new to me.

About 2 weeks into her incarceration she suggested I get a “trap line” which totally scared me. It sounded scary, sounded illegal. I googled it a bit but was still uncomfortable with it so just kept accepting the daily and twice daily collect calls on my home phone as I figured they couldn’t be that expensive as they are only calls from Milton to Hamilton.

I received my first phone bill in July, it was over $800.!!!! Well, that was it, I knew I couldn’t afford to keep doing this yet I wanted my daughter to be able to have contact with me as we hadn’t really spoken much for the past couple years before her incarceration.

I called your company in July and of course still had a lot of doubt about it. Your customer service rep was wonderful, everything was explained to me. I believe I even asked if this was legal, if it was a scam. They made me feel quite comfortable and I decided to give it a try even though I honestly was still more than a little sceptical.

Shortly after I signed up with you I received another phone bill for just over $400. and it made me realize how much money your company is saving me! Wow, a nominal monthly fee and only $1.50 a call, that is amazing in comparison to what I had been paying. In a 6 week period my home phone bill had totaled over $1,200!!

I have called your office several times and spoken with many different people. EVERY single one of them have been so, so helpful and friendly! I even had some “strange” charges and one of them cost me $15., the girl that I was speaking to even credited me back for that.

They do not make me feel embarrassed that I have a daughter in jail, they speak to me as if I am an old friend of theirs. Keep up the good work and I hope you listen to the phone calls come in as I think you would be quite impressed with them as well!

I would recommend your service to anyone I know that is ever stuck in a situation like mine! Thank you so much for everything, you are an amazing company and have absolutely amazing staff answering your phone lines!


Janice W.