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Subject: Speaking of big phone companies...
Received: Sun 11/2/2014 9:55 PM
From: ********@live.com
To: sales@trappcall.com

I never thought of submitting a "kudos" or customer acolades, however I would like to share with you a little secret, I work for one of the biggest telephone companies without saying names at one time we had the monopoly and was the only provider, some would say the good old days however as my role is sales I'm disguised as a customer service rep and there is my passion. I like helping people and have more than the utmost respect when I get it back.

I can't count the times I have been in a bind and your staff was there for me whether it was having a whisper convo because I was at work, or tech issues with my web account. I feel your service is one of a kind excellence. When I need to transfer to a friend’s account or when someone tried to access mine right away your staff took charge and suggested a password update. Or when my balance was disappearing right away even before I noticed it was restored or fixed. When I needed a payment split after hours you guys told me not to worry and I didn't as I knew it was in good hands.

On an almost daily basis I recommend your service, it makes ...., without you guys there is no help for ..... customers with an extremely large bill for collect calls. The solution the customer suggest is telling their friend or family member not to call as they can't afford the bill, when I tell them all about trappcall they always get excited to get a pen and paper to write it all down. Some have broken down to tears and thanked me profusely for your info as communication with the collect caller is ultimately priceless. I can finally help that customer that the company I work for couldn't.

Congrats to you!