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Subject: ATTN: President/Owner/Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Received: Sun 11/2/2014 4:45 PM
From: ********@gmail.com
To: sales@trappcall.com


I'm an old fart - when I'm not satisfied with the service I get somewhere I complain to the head honcho - loud and long.

But I'm an old fart - fair is fair - when I am exceptionally happy with the service, I contact the head honcho and let them know that as well.

In your case, well, let me put it this way - your should contact Rogers, Bell, BMO and a number of other big corporations and contact your staff out to teach THEIR staff what customer service is all about.

I have had to make numerous changes to my account from time to time - I have 2 nephews who seem to make a career out of getting into trouble and ending up in Lindsay or Quinte. And of course, every time they do, Uncle has to set up phone numbers so they can call mommy and daddy and whine and call Uncle for $20 for canteen money. Strange they don't know my phone number when they aren't in the bucket but they suddenly remember it when they get arrested.

Your staff are phenomenal. I have written at 7 in the morning and gotten a response by 8 in the morning. I've written on Sundays and had a response in 10 minutes. I've made complicated requests - so complicated, even I didn't understand my explanation of what I needed, and your staff have always read between the lines, figured out what I needed, translated it to English and emailed me back 10 minutes later with the changes.

I don't know - is it something you've put in their water?

I'm 64, almost 65, and I can't remember when I have experienced such fantastic customer service and support. Those other companies need to take lessons from your staff.

At the same time, staff only reflect the attitude of management - a crappy manager develops crappy attitude within the entire organization - so you must be one hell of a person to work for... and your staff demonstrate that.

I don't know what you are doing or how you are doing it to motivate your staff, but keep it up - and give them a bloody raise - they deserve every cent they are making and more!


R. M.